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  • Mrs. Bauch' s Influence

    CJF, Class of 2017

    Most of my favorite memories from Notre Dame can be directly connected to the influence of Mrs. Bauch. Because of her, my love of science has grown from a small hobby to a passion that will guide me through life.
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  • Honoring My Grandmother

    MV, Class of 2017

    Four years, 720 days, or 5,760 hours.  Four field trips, four Spring breaks, and ONE DECISION.  Time has flown since the first time I stepped into Notre Dame and sat in the auditorium on our first day.  Many wonderful events have occurred, and many not so wonderful, but the memories and people will stick with me for a lifetime.
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  • Global Issues and New Friends

    Joe Kale, Class of 2017

    Far and away, my favorite memories at Notre Dame were formed at the three Model UN conferences I attended over the course of my high school career. Invariably, at least one of the evenings at each of the conferences would feature an extended conversation with my roommates that would carry on late into the night.
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  • Farewell to the Musicals

    RO'K, Class of 2017

    One part of ND I will miss the most is working on the musicals. For four years the musicals have been a part of my life. I have enjoyed every second I got to work on them and learned so much.
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  • Ms. Ivins Was Right... "In the Blink of an Eye"

    Jaya Armstead, Editor, Class of 2017
    Freshman year felt as if it was yesterday. Ms. Ivins was right when she said at Freshman Orientation, “It will be over in the blink of an eye.”
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  • Vulnerability Brings Love

    Anonymous, Class of 2017
    After last year, when it seemed like our school just couldn’t catch a break, we gained a sense of unity, in my eyes. People would often talk about the “Notre Dame Family” and I never understood what that truly was. But last year I realized it’s not a thing, it's a feeling.
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  • ND Equals Opportunity

    MH Class of 2017
    The biggest thing I will miss at Notre Dame will be the opportunities given to me.  I was given the opportunity to become more than an average student. The small push was all I needed to get involved and become what shaped the majority of my high school career.


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  • Mr. Lobis, Holden Caulfied, and Words of Impact

    Wolfgang Hoffmann, Class of 2017

    I suppose the memory that stands out in my mind is something Mr.Lobis once said. We were discussing The Catcher in The Rye, and he asked us what it was that Holden Caulfield hated.
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  • Kairos Makes Lasting Memories

    Bebe Howell, Class of 2017

    Kairos introduced me to people I wish I had gotten to know sooner, but still find myself as close with as any other lifelong friend. It made my senior year something truly special.
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  • Lessons from Mr. Rowland and Coach Tabron

    Hunter Dargay, Senior Staff Writer and Class of 2017

    From freshman year when Mr. Rowland told me I should join the track team to the last meet of senior year, I’ve come to realize that, although I missed many activities with friends and family, being a part of the track team has taught me lessons that I will take with me into the future.
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  • Good Bye, Teammates

    LO, Class of 2017
    Throughout my years here at Notre Dame the volleyball team has had wins and losses but, the best days were those after a loss.
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