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  • Hurricane Michael Rips Through Florida and the School Year

    Zachary Klein '20
    Hurricane Michael ravaged through the panhandle of Florida on October 10,becoming the first Category 4 storm in history to hit the region. According to The Weather Channel, at least 35 people are dead as a result of the powerful storm’s impact. The recovery process could take years, with countless structures, including many public schools, needing to be re-built.
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  • French Club Celebrates National French Week

    Anna Mulder '20
    What language, other than English, is a working language of the United Nations, the WHO (World Health Organization), and UNICEF? The answer is French, the 6th most spoken language in the world, according to France Diplomatie.
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  • Question - What will you miss most about Notre Dame?

    • Studying in the air conditioning
    • Wearing Sperry's
    • Parking in the senior lot
    • Asking to use the bathroom
  • Result - What will you miss most about Notre Dame?

    • Studying in the air conditioning (64.71%, 33 Responses, 51 Total)
    • Wearing Sperry's (9.80%, 5 Responses, 51 Total)
    • Parking in the senior lot (3.92%, 2 Responses, 51 Total)
    • Asking to use the bathroom (7.84%, 4 Responses, 51 Total)
    • EVERYTHING <3 (13.73%, 7 Responses, 51 Total)

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  • This artwork, titled

    Dissociating DID from Media’s Stereotypes

    Laura Bedser '19
    Can you fathom sharing the space of your body and mind with other people? Or, more specifically, multiple personalities? This is the reality of life for people living with dissociative identity disorder (DID), previously known as multiple personality disorder, and this mental illness has been sorely misrepresented in media.  
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  • The Next Chapter

    Kaitlyn Wesner '18
    Change. The six letter word every teenager dreads. It’s second semester and 200+ seniors walk the Notre Dame halls for the very last time. Mixed emotions run rampant: excitement, curiosity, and sadness. The future has arrived.
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  • 2018-19 NBA Drama

    Michael Carroll '22
    The Golden State Warriors completed their second straight demolition of the NBA four months ago, and now a new ride of potential domination begins. There are an abundance of new storylines before the 2018-19 NBA season gets underway; from the arrival of a fifth star in Golden State to the Jimmy Butler saga in Minnesota.

    And, of course, superstar LeBron James has migrated to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers.

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  • One Last Dance

    Jared Francois '19
    April 10th might be the last NBA game for Dwyane Wade. That is, if the Miami Heat don't make the playoffs this seaon. In a recent heartfelt ten minute Instagram video post, Wade spoke directly to his fans. He chronicled his NBA journey and asked for support for one more seaon.
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  • Trolls. They're Not Living Under Bridges Anymore

    Dean Luciano '19
    Do you remember grumpy old trolls or the troll dolls you rub for good luck? Well, trolls no longer live under bridges - they live behind computer screens. In today’s high tech world of internet slang, the word trolls refers to people who “antagonize others online by deliberating posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content.”  And these self-proclaimed internet personalities are part of a social media subculture whose behavior can be dangerous.
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  • On the Dawn of Adulthood - Get Out and Vote!

    Jacob McGlinchy '18
    Today, young people all across the United States are graduating college with insurmountable student loan debt. They are coming into a failing job market due to the policy choices made by previous administrations and officials. Only together can the youth of America point their country toward brighter, more vibrant, and more participatory democracy that caters to the needs of all Americans. 
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  • The progression of Alzheimer's on the brain is shown here. (Source:

    Alzheimer's: Becoming Aware

    Maggie McGill '21
    Since 1906 when Dr. Alois Alzheimer, a German physician analyzed patient Auguste D’s memory loss and other psychological symptoms to microscopic brain changes, the focus on Alzheimer’s disease has been a serious one. Senior Grace Conboy knows all too well the personal effects of this devastating illness.
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  • Rethinking Reading

    Faith Cowell '18
    The decline of youth pleasure-reading has brought forth an onslaught of patronizing adults, claiming that phones have not only stopped kids from reading, but have also destroyed their communication skills. While the rise of technology is one of the leading causes of teens reading less, the answer is more complex than this.
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  • In The NOVO Sports Podcast

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  • OSU Cowboys in the NFL Draft

    With the playoffs winding down, the NFL draft is quickly approaching. This draft should perk a lot of ears for the fine folks of Stillwater, Oklahoma as three players from Oklahoma State  will be drafted, potentially very high too. James Washington, Mason Rudolph, and Marcell Ateman led the pack for the Cowboys for the past couple of years and now some lucky NFL teams will have them in their arsenal. Washington is likely to be the first one picked of the bunch in the first round. Ateman is projected as high as the 3rd or 4th round, depending on the mock draft. The sleeper pick of the three is Mason Rudolph. I predict Rudolph to go in the 2nd round, hopefully to the New England Patriots. Rudolph is calm, composed and can get the job done as a QB. Being mentored by Tom Brady would do Mason a lot of good.
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  • In Danny We Trust

    The Boston Celtics have had an abundance of success during this great NBA season. Through the midway point, they are currently in first place in the eastern conference, after a rollercoaster ride of an offseason and early season. The offseason had the signing of superstar Gordon Hayward, trading of the #1 overall pick, trading of star Isaiah Thomas, and acquiring superstar Kyrie Irving. The first night brought heartbreak with the loss of Gordon Hayward to a gruesome injury, but then the season completely turned around with a 16 game win streak that set the league on fire. General manager Danny Ainge has set this team up for success this season, next season and for years to come. If you ever doubt a Celtics trade just know this: In Danny We Trust.  It will eventually work out.
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  • Perseverance Personified

    There seems to be three guarantees in life in the modern day: death, taxes, and the New England Patriots playing in the AFC Championship game. Tom Brady and company led the charge yesterday against a behemoth of a Jaguars defense. The Jags came into Jacksonville on fire and led 14-3 at one point. As time kept going, victory looked likelier and likelier for the Jaguars, at one point having a 92% chance to steal a win from the Pats in Foxborough. Brady did his thing, however, and got the job done in the end, overcoming a 10 point 4th quarter deficit. This Pats team will face a similar test in 2 weeks against an Eagles team that, once again, is stellar on defense but lackluster at the quarterback position. The Eagles are essentially the Jaguars, however Nick Foles is better than Blake Bortles. The Patriots are looking forward to another dog fight and are optimistic that they will win their 6th Super Bowl Championship.
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  • Disappointment: a Red Sox Offseason Story

    The Boston Red Sox ended their 2017 campaign when they were defeated by the eventual champion Houston Astros in the ALDS. This was only the beginning of disappointment for a Red Sox team who frankly, underperformed to the expectations that were given to them. Many people were calling the Sox the “Golden State Warriors of Baseball” and this was just a gross overstatement. While they won the AL East division, their underperformance in the playoffs was inexcusable. This disappointment continued in the offseason when they swung and missed on Giancarlo Stanton. The second disappointment came in the form of Stephen Wright. Wright is the Sox’ knuckleballer who was accused of domestic violence this offseason. And lastly, the Red Sox’ desperate pursuit for JD Martinez is laughable. They need to stick with the talent they have, make an offer for Manny Machado, and wait til the big free agent pot next offseason. As a huge Red Sox fan, I am going into next season with mild expectations.

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