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  • A Catholic Committment

    Rachana Kotamraju '18

    Kelly Young and Cate Hahn agree on one thing about growing up in public school. Discussing religion felt taboo. But coming to Notre Dame changed that for both girls. And at Ash Wednesday Liturgy, Kelly and Cate joined our Catholic community.  
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  • Chad Nelson's Written Scriptures 2.0

    Jaya Armstead '17

    Some people might know Chad Nelson as a classmate while others know him as a teammate. Chad is much more than these two titles. He is a recording artist.
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  • Without Coach McKenna There Is NO Weightroom

    Hunter Dargay '17

    The Notre Dame weight room is a place for the members of the Notre Dame community to become better versions of themselves. If you are unclear about this fact, it’s because you’ve never met Coach McKenna.
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  • Movie Review: LOGAN

    Jaya Armstead '17

    WARNING:  Spoiler Alert!

    As a child I began reading and collecting comic books. My first comic book was an X-Men comic and to this day, my favorite is Wolverine.  Suffice it to say, I was not disappointed in the much anticipated new film Logan (R).

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  • Terror On The Rise

    Emily Danko '17

    If it seems like terrorism is on the rise - that’s because it is.  

    In our world today it’s not uncommon to turn on the news and hear about a terrorist group killing civilians in Somalia, Syria, or Iraq and orchestrating bombings in other areas of the world.

    It’s even becoming more common to hear about terrorist attacks in the Western world. It is no longer just happening in “those” countries in the Middle East. It is no longer an issue that doesn’t apply to every single person in the world.
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  • Post-Election America

    Emily Danko '17

    Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. These six states, predicted to vote Democratic, actually voted Republican and led the way to the election of Donald J. Trump.
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  • Our Earth's Future

    Jake Hancin '18

    Does climate change really exist? According to modern science, the Earth is 4.543 billion years old. Modern science also claims that humans have existed for about 200,000 years, with only 6,000 years of civilization, and 216 years of industrialization. 
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  • The Library Floods

    Nikhil Vishakanta '17

    As ND librarian, Mrs. Repsik, made her way to the library doors on a Monday morning, security guard Mr. Bartuska gave her a grin and said, “Have you seen the library yet?”
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  • The Energy of Christmas... Literally.

    Elizabeth Houck '19

    The Christmas light tradition is expected to continue to become more popular in the coming years, and the price of energy for lights throughout the United States will increase with it. This causes the amount of energy consumption for Christmas lights to sky-rocket during the holiday season.
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  • Marking a solemn anniversary

    Samantha Gilligan '17

    On October 29, 2015, I was sitting in my religion class thinking about the upcoming Halloween weekend, when I realized the seat in front of me was empty. At that moment, Ms. Ivins’ voice came over the loudspeaker to lead a prayer for a student who had just gone into emergency surgery. I suddenly realized the empty seat was the student for whom we were praying. And he was my good friend. I was scared, confused, frustrated, and in desparate need of more information.
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  • Are Referees a Thing of the Past?

    Jake Hancin '18

    In any sport, fans and players alike question the calls of officials (regardless of their accuracy). Typically a call against any team will have supporters argue its validity solely due to the fact that it isn’t in their favor. With the increase of advancing technology though, the concept of disagreeing with a call has the potential to be gone forever.
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  • The Misinformation Conundrum

    Bizzy Lyons '17

    Many believe that the outcome of the 2016 president election might have been different if it were not for the dramatic rumours spread on social media.
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  • Let Beauty Shine Naturally

    Lauren Hunte '17

    Fashion photography not only portrays beauty, it sells images of fashion and style. But recent fashion photos have not been up to the standards previously set by highly regarded fashion guru Peter Lindbergh.  
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  • We're here too, the voices of ND African American students

    Jaya Armstead, '17

    Battling the invisible bias of society is something that needs to be addressed.  Given the current racial climate, people tend to stay silent on the topic to avoid any sensitivity.

    Invisible bias starts at home simply by hearing comments or jokes about a specific group of people. As a young child, a person hears this and those words can stay with him or herself. This way of thinking can be brought into everyday life and activities, even somewhere as safe as Notre Dame High School.
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  • Teachers are people too!

    Michael Connolly '18

    As students, we look forward to know what everyone is doing on summer break, whether it’s hanging out at a friends pool, going to the beach, or just looking at what people are doing on Snapchat. But what do teachers do in the summer?
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  • Notre Dame Wins Outstanding Large School at PhilMUN 2017

    Kara Yannotta '18

    Global issues, especially those in impoverished and underdeveloped nations, are complex and present many challenges. Model United Nations challenges high school students to think about these real world issues and propose solutions to improve the quality of our world, thus becoming the next generation of truly global citizens.
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  • Young and Younger

    Luc Parrotta '17

    Will youth prevail? The Notre Dame Boys Varsity Basketball will seek to answer this question in the upcoming basketball season.  ND has a lot to look forward to this year, bringing the most preseason hype it's had in the past several years.  
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  • Hey Sixer Fans - Trust the Process!

    Chris Warren '17

    After a string of losing seasons, Sixers fans just might finally have something to be excited about.
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  • Hunters Helping the Hungry

    Hunter Dargay '17

    Hunting is sometimes looked down upon by many. But for the food banks of New Jersey, hunters help feed many hungry mouths with meat they donate.
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  • OPINION: Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. A case of political pressure.

    Jake Hancin '18

    In anger and outrage of the proposed bill, President Obama set a veto on the JASTA bill. However, after a Senate vote of 97-to-1 and a House vote of 348-to-77, President Obama’s veto was overwhelmingly overridden and the JASTA bill was passed.
    So, is this a case of political peer pressure? According to President Obama, the answer is yes.
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  • Syria's children must be saved

    Nikhil Vishakanta '17

    Bombings in Syria are happening daily now, and the death toll is stacking up.

    Over the course of four years 400,000 Syrian civilians have been killed as cause of the civil war. Of those civilians, 50,000 were children. Children are being killed at a rapid rate of almost 35 every day. Syria is on the brink of exterminating an entire future generation.
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  • We need art

    Teylor London '17

    The importance of The Arts in education

    Have you noticed that whenever education budgets get tight, the Arts are the first departments to be cut? Why is this? Do educators, parents, and students feel art classes are less important than other academic courses? In the U.S, the education curricula is fixed to focus heavily on core subjects, such as the maths, sciences, and literature.  In most schools, art classes are a supplemental elective. But should this be the case?
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  • No appreciation for cultural appropriation on runway

    Lauren Hunte '17

    Marc Jacobs sparked a huge controversy with the introduction of his Spring-Summer 2017 fashion show.  On September 20, Marc Jacobs presented his club culture inspired show, which featured predominately white models wearing pastel colored dreadlocks.
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    • Ryan Novozinsky's Interview with International Exchange Students, Leo Ren and Drake Guo

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