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3 Simple Rules...

Please read our Notre Dame High School Student Handbook. The attendance and discipline guidelines are explained in detail in our student handbook.
Remember three simple rules: 


Mr. McWilliam is the Assistant Administrator for Student Life. Please call if you have any questions about Attendance or Discipline issues. You will receive a letter and or a phone call from the Student Life Office if your child has a Discipline issue. Mr. McWilliam feels strongly that we do not have any "bad" students at Notre Dame - just students that sometimes make "bad" decisions. It is our job as parents and educators to help our students in their decision making process.


Frequently Asked Questions

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. 1. Where is the “Student Life Office” located and what happens there?

    The Student Life office is located next to the cafeteria and handles issues dealing with: Student Life, Clubs, Activities, Lost and found, Parking Permits, attendance and discipline.
  • Q. 2. What do you do when a student is absent from school?

    To report a student absence, call the Attendance Office at 609-882-7900 ext. 152 on the day of the absence and inform the school of the reason for the absence and send a note, fax (609-882-4035), or e-mail ( to the Attendance Office on the day of the student’s return. This note should state the dates of absence, the reason for absence and must be signed by the parent or guardian. Failure to hand in a note may result in an Administrative Detention. For absences of 3 days or more, a doctor’s note must be presented to the school nurse before the student can be readmitted to school.
  • Q. 3. Where is the Lost and Found?

    When property is missing, students should check in the Student Life Office and fill out a Missing Property Report. Students are to return any items they find to the Student Life Office.
  • Q. 4. What about cell phones?

    Parents are asked to understand the necessity for uninterrupted instructional time. Cell phones ringing, receiving or making calls, sending or receiving text messages or other phone activity disrupts learning and may warrant an Administrative Detention. Teachers will direct students to put cell phones away and an Administrative Detention will be given. If a student has a sense of urgency and needs to call a parent, s/he may go to Campus Ministry or the College and School Counseling Office to make that call. In case of an emergency, please contact the Guidance Office or an Assistant Principal so that news can be communicated in a sensitive and timely manner. 
  • Q. 5. What about student IDs?

    Every student must carry their Notre Dame ID card at all times. Your student ID can be used as a declining balance to pay for meals in the cafeteria. It should be treated as a debit card. Value can be added to the card by going to the MegaPlus Payment Link.
  • Q. 6. Does Notre Dame sponsor dances?

    The Senior class and Junior class will sponsor formal dances which will highlight their social calendar. The Student Government will sponsor a Homecoming Dance and the semi-formal Cotillion. The Sophomore class will plan a dance called a Morp and the Freshmen will plan the Freshmen Dance.

Student Life Staff

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  • Photo of David McWilliam

    David McWilliam 

    Assistant Administrator for Student Life
    609-882-7900, ext. 150
  • Photo of Joseph McLaughlin

    Joseph McLaughlin 

    Discipline Assistant
    609-882-7900 ext.151

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