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  • The Final Bow

    by Sophia Staub'20

    The one thing I thought I could count on my senior year was walking across the stage, receiving my diploma, and moving on. But now that is uncertain.
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  • Life is a Marathon

    by Grace O'Donnell '20

    Quarantine can make you do some crazy things. One night, scrolling through Tik Tok, I came across a video of a girl who spent the entire day walking a marathon. Normally I would have quickly come to the conclusion that she was INSANE, but out of boredom I decided this was something I wanted to attempt. 
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  • Question - What have you spent the most time doing during coronavirus quarantine?

    • Eating
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  • Result - What have you spent the most time doing during coronavirus quarantine?

    • Eating (9.52%, 2 Responses, 21 Total)
    • Binge Watching (38.10%, 8 Responses, 21 Total)
    • Sleeping (23.81%, 5 Responses, 21 Total)
    • Watching Social Media (19.05%, 4 Responses, 21 Total)
    • Gaming (9.52%, 2 Responses, 21 Total)

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  • Finding the Good

    Rachel Doan '20
    At 2:10 p.m.on March 12, 2020, Principal Barlow announced over the loudspeaker that school would be shut down the next day for “deep cleaning” and that classes were cancelled. Students were excited! They talked about how they were all going to hang out with each other and just have a fun time.  
    But not me.  As kids frolicked around after the announcement that day, I got in my car and cried.
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  • For the Love of Sports

    Michael Carroll '22
    I think that I speak for everyone when I say that I miss sports. 

    I miss watching LeBron dunks, Curry and Trae threes, Embiid getting under his opponents’ skin, and countless other moments in the basketball world.
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  • The Little Yellow House on the Corner

    Kleio Scully '20
    I have been blessed to have a close relationship with my grandmother, Joan Jones, and recently had the opportunity to interview her about her life. What follows are the stories she shared, both good and bad. I hope you enjoy
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  • Healthcare Heroes and Patients

    Julia Haas '21
    The global pandemic has changed life as we currently know it. Social distancing and self-isolation is definitely difficult, and it will take much adjusting to get used to a new daily at-home routine.

    However, what many people fail to consider is the even more difficult conditions hospital patients—including both COVID-positive and COVID-negative patients—and healthcare workers are undergoing during this time. 
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  • Mental Illness Is No Joke

    Julia Haas '21
    The release of the movie The Joker (Rated R) reveals valuable information about the stigma associated with mental health.The movie involves the story of a man who suffers from mental illness that goes untreated. He is not able to get his medications adjusted, and eventually his health services are cut. As a result, his mental health disorder spirals out of control and he is shunned by society and pushed to live a life of violence. 

    The Joker portrays the idea that mental illness is associated with violence; one of the most harmful stereotypes about people who are mentally ill.
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  • Cherish Every Moment

    Darius McKay '20
    Well here I am. April 22, 2020. Normally I would be in school, just another day, patiently counting down the days until prom and graduation. 

    Well, my name is Darius McKay, and I am a member of the notorious Class of 2020. We are famously known for being the class to be born right around 9/11, a terrible tragedy. Now here we are almost 18 ½ years later, in the midst of a pandemic. We aren’t a normal class; in a way I feel that our class was just destined for bad luck due to the time we were all born around. 
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  • Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday

    Alex Visalli
    As each day begins to seamlessly blend together with the next, I am beginning to lose my concept of time—there is only today, tomorrow and yesterday. As Nathaniel Hawthorne once said “Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.” 
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  • On Keeping a Quarantine Journal

    Thomas Weaverling '23
    The Coronavirus has felt to many, including myself, as a thief, robbing everyone of so many planned traditions and experiences. As a freshman in high school, I have felt that my “freshman experience” has been cut harshly short, and I have undoubtedly missed so many opportunities that would have allowed for me to grow and learn. However, I want to discuss a way to overcome our collective misery individually.
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  • Stay Positive

    Tara Bernstiel '20
    Over the past month, quarantine has tested everyone in their faith, patience and hope. This is a very hard time, but we all must continue to stay positive, and pray that this will end soon and that we will be a stronger world because of it. 
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  • Wet Markets

    Christina Randazzo'21
    Neighborhoods and villages in China and Hong Kong produce meat, seafood, and many other animals for a cheaper price, known as the “wet market.”
    However, how fresh is too fresh? Live fish flop around in bowls, chickens still have heads, and even dogs are in cages ready to be slaughtered.
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  • My Quarantine Experience

    Seamus Harding'20
    We were told on a Thursday that we would be off the following day and that Monday for preparation of online school. Then, it turned to two weeks for cleaning. And another two weeks. And another two weeks.
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  • 100th Birthday in Quarantine

    Julia Haas '21
    An 100th birthday is definitely a life milestone that deserves a huge celebration, even if from a distance. On Monday, March 30, 2020, World War II vetertan, Frank Uveges, turned 100 years old. Although his original large birthday party celebration was canceled due to the coronavirus, friends and neighbors still showed their love to the Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medal Veteran through a birthday parade.
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  • The Fight for Environmental Reforms

    Rachel Doan
    “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words,” said Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old environmental activist, at the 2019 UN climate action summit in New York. Greta Thunberg has recently been a name that everyone is using to describe activism for environmental issues in the world. 
    What will happen if environmental continue to be ignored?
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