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List of 1 news stories.

List of 1 news stories.

  • Net Zero, The New Hero(Opinion)

    by Neelam Rattan  '21

    The statistics are in: in order to avoid catastrophic global events, the emission rates will need to decrease dramatically by 2030 in order to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050.
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    • Start school in September UNMASKED, but on a hybrid schedule
    • Start school in September MASKED, but all students in person
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    • Start school in September UNMASKED, but on a hybrid schedule (39.51%, 32 Responses, 81 Total)
    • Start school in September MASKED, but all students in person (60.49%, 49 Responses, 81 Total)

Quote of the Week

“The promise of spring’s arrival is enough to get anyone through the bitter winter.”                                                                        
 - Jen Selinsky

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  • Battle of the Consoles

    Alexander Visalli '22
    On the week of November 10th and 12th both Sony and Microsoft released their next generation consoles to the public giving the gaming community some sort of hope for these upcoming weeks. However, the biggest question that gamers have is what console is the overall best for its price, specifications and exclusives.
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  • SAT Revamp. College Board to Discontinue Essay and Subject Test

    Lyla Malloy

    College Board has announced they are eliminating the previously optional SAT essay along with other changes to modernize test-taking. 
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  • Florida Sadly Remembers the 1920 Election

    Kristina Ibe '21
    Florida is to be one of the major battleground states for the upcoming 2020 Election. As a state with the fourth greatest number of electoral votes, both presidential candidates have kept a close eye on their support in Florida. 
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  • Electric Efficiency

    JohnPaul DeJesus '21
    Over the past couple of years, the idea of the electric car has started to become revolutionized. The idea of driving cars that run off battery operation instead of gas guzzling cars has been in discussion for years now. But truly how important are these cars?
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  • The New Space Race

    Nick Iraca '21

    Humanity has always strived to go above and beyond, especially when it comes to space exploration.
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  • Big Sky, Big Money

    Cristina Fallon '21
    In this year's election, Senate races are just as important as the presidential race. One of the key races is the Montana Senate race between Republican incumbent Steve Daines and Democratic Montana Governor Steve Bullock.
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  • Exploring Dreaming

    Teagan Brush '22
    Dreams are something that as humans we experience relatively often but it's not so often that we take the time to understand why we have them and what they mean. Have you ever woken up after an odd dream and questioned why it happened?

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  • Arizona Blues

    Joseph Kesting '21
    Tightly contested states such as Arizona will have a major impact on the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. According to NBC News, “the top priority of Arizona voters, especially seniors, is COVID and the pandemic”.

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  • Prayers and Gratitude for the Cafeteria Staff

    by Sam Albers '22
    The kitchen staff is working hard to ensure safety and provide good food during this difficult time. Sous Chef and Assistant Manager of the cafeteria, Edgar Garcia says this year’s hybrid learning model and the Coronavirus pandemic have had a “huge impact” on lunch service. “We went from serving 1200 kids to just 400 per day. This causes the menu to be smaller with limited options and creativity.” Currently, only packaged grab-and-go lunches are being served.
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  • Cutting Cable?

    Trip Pisano '22
    The first cable television set was created in 1948. Through the decades the "TV" has only continued to become more modern. But with streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ on the scene what does the future hold for cable companies?
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  • Soybean Slip-up

    Sofia Czuczuk '21
    The 2020 Iowa State Senate Race has been one of the tightest and most expensive races for this year. Because this Senate race is so tight, both candidates, Joni Ernst (Republican incumbent) and Theresa Greenfield (Democrat), are being watched closely and judged on every statement made.
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  • Teacher Time

    by Trip Pisano '23
    Connor Sullivan, Class of 23, says he is happy to be back in school. Connor claims, "I feel I learn more when I'm in school. I get more time from the teacher." And what about that nasty virus that' still around? Connor says, "I feel safe with all the health and safety protocols around school. Everyone seems to be following the rules and I don't see any hazards." Way to go, ND! #wearamask #staysafe
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  • Rickey's Morning Misery

    by Alexander Visalli '22
    Senior Rickey Spruill didn’t hesitate to offer an opinion on being back in school after six months of remote learning. “I hate it, says Rickey. Spruill continued, “I’m used to staying at home and now I have to come to school. I kinda want to go back to how it was”. The pure exhaustion was evident through his body language and the drowsy tone in his voice. Welcome to just another day of hybrid learning at Notre Dame High School.
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