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List of 1 news stories.

List of 1 news stories.

  • The Electoral College: What is it?

    by Sarah Griffin '21

    National elections, such as the upcoming presidential election, give every American the chance to choose who they want to lead them.  Although every vote counts in these elections, not every vote carries the same weight one way or another.

    The distribution of how much a vote counts is thanks to the electoral college.
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    • Start school in September UNMASKED, but on a hybrid schedule
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Quote of the Week

"Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting."                                                                                                                                                                                                     - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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  • Michigan: A Crucial State in the 2020 Election

    Emma Spadea '21
    Back in 2016, Michigan went red after a long blue streak from 1992 to 2012. However, this election year it looks as if Michigan will return to their blue roots and cast their electoral votes for Joe Biden.
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  • Florida Sadly Remembers the 1920 Election

    Kristina Ibe '21
    Florida is to be one of the major battleground states for the upcoming 2020 Election. As a state with the fourth greatest number of electoral votes, both presidential candidates have kept a close eye on their support in Florida. 
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  • Hyrbrid Has Its Challenges

    by Teagan Brush '23
    Mrs. Darcy says that while she’s happy to be back in school, the hybrid learning environment has its challenges. “Being online has not only been difficult for students but also teachers. Many lessons have to be redesigned and being online for so much time makes it very hard on students.” Mrs. Darcy says she always like being in school and seeing her students, but as a working mom whose own children are home, she wishes she could be with them. 
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  • Climate Change and the Election

    Andrew Kite '21
    As November 3rd comes closer and closer, it seems as if we are holding our collective breath as we await the presidential election results, and feel a compulsive need to brace ourselves for the potentially catastrophic reaction across the country, regardless of who wins. At the forefront of major issues is the highly debated topic of climate change.
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  • Big Sky, Big Money

    Cristina Fallon '21
    In this year's election, Senate races are just as important as the presidential race. One of the key races is the Montana Senate race between Republican incumbent Steve Daines and Democratic Montana Governor Steve Bullock.
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  • Scooting into the School Year

    by Colin MacDonald '22
    George Lobis, Class of 23, puts Notre Dame out in front when it comes to returning to school. "I'd say hybrid learning is working out pretty good. A lot of other schools don't have the privilege of actually being in school, which I think is pretty great. In a perfect world it's obvious that I wish everyone was in school 24/7, but I think Notre Dame is doing a great job of what we can realistically do." So do we, George, so do we. Here's to cruising successfully through the school year, Irish.
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  • Racial Injustice in Minnesota

    Anna Macaulay '21
    The killing of George Floyd by former Officer Derek Chauvin sent the country into chaos, with protests occurring throughout our nation. The state where Floyd’s death occurred, Minnesota, has been at the center of this, with both peaceful and violent protests sweeping through Minneapolis and St. Paul.
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  • Arizona Blues

    Joseph Kesting '21
    Tightly contested states such as Arizona will have a major impact on the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. According to NBC News, “the top priority of Arizona voters, especially seniors, is COVID and the pandemic”.

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  • Prayers and Gratitude for the Cafeteria Staff

    by Sam Albers '22
    The kitchen staff is working hard to ensure safety and provide good food during this difficult time. Sous Chef and Assistant Manager of the cafeteria, Edgar Garcia says this year’s hybrid learning model and the Coronavirus pandemic have had a “huge impact” on lunch service. “We went from serving 1200 kids to just 400 per day. This causes the menu to be smaller with limited options and creativity.” Currently, only packaged grab-and-go lunches are being served.
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  • The Supreme Decision

    Ryan Halasz '21
    A particularly important issue garnering much attention in this year's election is President Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill a vacancy on the United States Supreme Court. Previously, the open seat on the highest court in the land belonged to now deceased Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
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  • Soybean Slip-up

    Sofia Czuczuk '21
    The 2020 Iowa State Senate Race has been one of the tightest and most expensive races for this year. Because this Senate race is so tight, both candidates, Joni Ernst (Republican incumbent) and Theresa Greenfield (Democrat), are being watched closely and judged on every statement made.
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  • Teacher Time

    by Trip Pisano '23
    Connor Sullivan, Class of 23, says he is happy to be back in school. Connor claims, "I feel I learn more when I'm in school. I get more time from the teacher." And what about that nasty virus that' still around? Connor says, "I feel safe with all the health and safety protocols around school. Everyone seems to be following the rules and I don't see any hazards." Way to go, ND! #wearamask #staysafe
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  • Rickey's Morning Misery

    by Alexander Visalli '22
    Senior Rickey Spruill didn’t hesitate to offer an opinion on being back in school after six months of remote learning. “I hate it, says Rickey. Spruill continued, “I’m used to staying at home and now I have to come to school. I kinda want to go back to how it was”. The pure exhaustion was evident through his body language and the drowsy tone in his voice. Welcome to just another day of hybrid learning at Notre Dame High School.
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