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  • Making the World Smaller: Meet Juliana Vrublevskaya

    Juliana Vrublevskaya is an English teacher at Brest Gymnasiumn No.1, a high school in Belarus.  She and Mrs. Bannon met in 2011 when the two were looking to engage their students in global learning. Their first project that year was a simple video exchange where ND students and Belarusian students each created a video of introduction.

    Ms. Vrublevskaya has a Masters of Education and is Supervisor of the UNESCO Club "Mosaic," which is very similar to Notre Dame's Model United Nations Club. Ms. Vrublevskaya says, "I believe in millenials. In my estimation, the future of my classroom starts in my classroom today. Young leaders need our inspiration and support." 

    This year Mrs. Bannon's Journalism class conducted research on Belarus in order to get to know the eastern European country that is Russia's neighbor.  The teachers paired students from ND and Belarus and Notre Dame students crafted questions and through Google Docs, interviewed Ms. Vrublevskaya's students.  This Special Section is a small sampling of how two classes from across the globe came to know each other better.  
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  • Getting to Know Belarus

    Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you didn’t live in the United States? How different would our lives be? With over 7 billion people and nearly 200 countries on the planet, have you ever thought about what life is like in a different area of the world? How about Eastern Europe?
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  • Belarus Expert: Meet Daria K.

    Adrian Braun '19
    Daria K. is 15 years old, an only child, and attends Gymnasium No 1 in Belarus. For fun, she likes to go on walks around interesting places with her friends. Daria’s favorite sport is swimming because it makes her feel relaxed. Her favorite classes in school are history, physics, and English. Daria’s favorite food is ice cream, but most especially plombiere, which is a type of soft serve.
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  • Avid Reader, Literature Connoisseur: Meet Valeria S.

    Henry Kelly '19
    Valeria S., a student of Gymnasium No.1, is fascinated by literature and travel. This is not common among the citizens living in Brest. Her favorite day of the year is her birthday because she enjoys the presents. Valeria is not currently participating in any sports, but reads a lot instead. She admires the marvelous life and work of Dr. Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane Wilde. She enjoys reading his work and wants to meet him someday. 
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  • Fun-Loving and Open-Minded: Meet Jane K.

    Angie Nunez '19
    Jane K. is a 16-year-old girl from Brest, Belarus. She studies at Gymnasium 1 and is in the tenth grade. She does not have a job due to the fact that she is a minor. Jane’s favorite foods are cottage cheese, salads, and fish, but enjoys all kinds of food. Jane describes herself as sociable, fun-loving, and self-confident. She enjoys reading, studying, meeting new people, and taking photos and videos.
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  • Interested and Sophisticated: Meet Alina D.

    Julia Oakes '18
    Intrigued by New York’s skyscrapers and fast pace of life, both of which are unfamiliar to the small country of Belarus, Alina D. expresses how life is not as fast-paced in her hometown of Brest. Although Alina does not play on sports teams, she enjoys playing volleyball when she is “in a good mood” with her friends and classmates. She also takes great pride in watching Russian and Belarusian teams compete in hockey and biathlon, and their participation in Winter Olympics events. Alina mentions that her country celebrated the gold medals won by Belarusian olympians, Anna Guskova for freestyle, and Daria Domracheva for biathlon.
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  • Language Learner: Meet Anna K.

    Katie Fitzgerald '18
    Anna K. is a 14 year old girl living in Brest, Belarus, a country located in Eastern Europe. She lives at home and has a brother and a sister. Her native languages are Belarusian and Russian, however, she has been learning english now for nine years. Anna enjoys learning new languages, and has also learned a bit of Polish and Chinese. 
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  • Rubik's Cube Expert: Meet Misha

    Amy Jones '19
    Misha is a 15 year old boy in 9th grade, living in Belarus. Misha is quite fond of playing football and volleyball, and is able to solve a rubik's cube 32.3 seconds. He enjoys studying the subject of math because he “likes to do sums”, and even states he likes to train his brain “how to work quickly.” Misha enjoys eating his mother’s home cooked meals, and one of his favorites is rice and vegetables. 
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  • Well-Rounded and Down to Earth: Meet Dasha K.

    Liam Nixon '18
    Dasha K. is a 15-year-old from Brest, Belarus. She is very down to earth. She enjoys playing volleyball and dancing in her free time. Dasha goes to school for six and a half hours every weekday. When she is not in school, Dasha walks her dog, Nora, hangs out with her friends, listens to music, or goes to the movies. 
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  • American Expert, Anton K.

    Brendan Rath'19
    Ninth grader Anton K. is fifteen years old. He is a dedicated student who works hard at his studies. Anton attends Gymnasium N1. His main priority is his studies, which are more important than the other responsibilities in his life such as sports or work. When he’s not studying, he enjoys using VK, a form of social media similar in format to Facebook. Although he has a lot of free time, Anton does not work due to the fact he is underage and therefore not allowed to have a job.
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  • Enjoying Cuisines with Diana P.

    Claire Svoboda '18
    Diana P. is a 16-year-old girl from Brest, Belarus who studies at Gymnasium No. 1. In her free time, Diana likes to read psychology books, watch American shows and movies, and listen to music. 
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  • Future Teacher, Helen U.

    Kaitlyn Wesner '18
    Belarus student, Helen U., is in the ninth form in Gymnasium one located in Brest, Belarus. Helen enjoys modern, street, and hip-hop dancing, walking and talking with friends, and eating her favorite food, ice cream. 
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  • Meet Future Pharmacist Roman G.

    Joe Russello '18
    Roman G. is 15 years old and lives in Brest, Belarus. When not doing homework after after school, Roman will sometimes go on walks with his friends, read books, or listen to music. 
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  • Meet Historian Ksyusha Y.

    Chris Robotin '18
    Ksyusha Y., a 15 year old student at Gymnasium One. In school, Ksyusha enjoys learning about history. According to Kysucha, Brest has played a major role in world history.
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  • One with Nature, Margarita R.

    Gina Spinosa '18
    Margarita R., also known as Rita, is a 13-year-old girl from Belarus who enjoys nature and animals. Being the avid animal lover that she is, Rita has a Shih Tzu named Honey, a rabbit named “Princess,” a few birds, and a number of goldfish.  
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  • Superstar in the Making: Ann M.

    Payton Williams '18
    Ann M. is a student in Belarus with high aspirations for a career in performing. Ann loves to sing and dance with her friends and is a “total music lover”! She wants to “bring people positive emotions” through her performance!
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