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Welcome to the 2023-24 School Year

Leaving "Home"
Cassidy Darcey '23, Senior Editor

"Oh my gosh! You’re Mrs. Darcey’s daughter, aren’t you?”

During my four years at ND, I heard these words nonstop! I usually responded with an awkward smile and a “yeah…” It was like every time I thought people finally forgot, it would suddenly come up again. 

Remembering Every Minute
Issy Timberlake '23, Editor

One thing I’ll miss about my time at Notre Dame is all the time spent in between.

I’ll miss seeing an old friend in the hallway and stopping to have a whole conversation on your way to class, or chatting with someone new while you wait in line for lunch.


One in a Million by Caroline Aloisio Class of 2023

Broadcast News


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Smiles for "Newsies"
The Voice Staff

Seniors Cassidy Summerville (L) and Cassidy Darcey (R) enjoying ND's musical, Newsies. If you saw the show, you know why they're smiling :)

In Full Bloom
Isabella Sagarese '23

With warm temperatures creeping into March, spring annuals are already sprouting in the Sagarese backyard. 

Peer to Peer Learning
Violet Williamson '24

ND Broadcast interns, Michael Pitynski '23 and Sasha Salins '23 (standing) help senior Journalism 2 students, Mason Kloc, Donovan Cottrell, Cassidy Darcey, and Olivia Gasparro (seated L-R) create their broadcast news stories.

Dressed for Success
Brendan Buecker '23

Senior Hooligans Brendan Bucker, Declan MacCabe, Sal Vasta, and James Ferraro (from L to R) cheer on our Irish Boys Basketball team in a serious matchup against Ewing High School. The boys meant business as they were dressed in their professional attire. 

Sunset Cruisin'
Michael Lange '23

Senior Michael Lange captured a picture of the beautiful skyline on his drive to a basketball game.

Work Out!
Maia Cinca '25

Seniors, Rani Parikh and Neayla Jones enjoy a fun gym class at the end of the day!  


Irish for a Day
Carter Hillsdon '25

Prospective students attending "Irish for a Day" gather in the chapel for a presentation by Mrs. Reed. 

Is Water Wet?
Violet Williamson '24

Dr. Suss’ biology class explores the characteristics of water through a laboratory experiment. Andrew Gill ‘24 (L) and Cameron Burek ‘24 (R) read over the procedure one more time.

Service Gets Social
Caitlin Treacy ‘23 

Students in Honors Service Religion are researching the values of Catholic Social Teaching. Junior Kailyn Rosica (right) says she “enjoys all of the different opportunities that being in the service class presents.”

Important Internship
Caitlin Treacy ‘23 

Ryan Carr '23 files documents for prospective students. Ryan is the senior intern for our Notre Dame admissions office and is busy helping prepare for the Class of 2027 who will join the ND community in the fall.

Celebrating Black Authors
Violet Williamson '24

Senior Amaya Kulessa has curated a display of books celebrating black authors for Black History Month. Check one out! Thanks, Amaya :)

Talent Galore
Amaya Kulessa '23

Kudos to Mrs. Brydge's and her art students! The Winter Arts show was spectacular! ND students rocked it!

Making the Most of It!
Olivia Pomin '25

Dr. B's Chem Class makes the most of a rainy day fire drill.

A Senior Moment
Bella Lynch '25

Amanda Almanzor '23 (L) and Bella Lynch '25 (R) celebrate a win against West Windsor Plainsboro south on Senior Night. Way to go, girls!

Club Rushin'
Voice Staff

Seniors Cassidy Darcey (L) and Issy Timberlake (R)  help answer questions about The Voice and Etc. Magazine during Club Rush. You make us smile, girls!

Words to live by...

You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.

                                                              - John Wooden  

Woods is Nature Natural
Charlie Schurr '25

Students and staff at Notre Dame have differing opinions on the “ideal day.” It seems girls love the beach, guys love an NBA 2k, but everyone loves time with friends.

Well, not everybody. 

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“Running” Into The Fall Season
Emily Klena '24

The fall season has come to a much-anticipated start and this is great news for Ryan Shockley. The ND senior says the cool air makes for the perfect running day. And he should know since he’s been a key member of the track team for four years.

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Autumn Is In The Air
Mary Lech '24

As the leaves begin to change colors, it is clear that fall is right around the corner. The brisk air and colorful foliage make this season a favorite for many, including Colleen Smith. The ND senior says fall is her favorite season. 

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Notre Dame’s Mrs. Hubert Practices Self Care
Elizabeth Socha '24

There’s nothing better than having a day to sleep in and coming home to a clean house. This is especially true for Notre Dame Science teacher, small business owner, and married mom of three, Mrs. Hubert, who believes this to be the perfect day.

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It's All About Family And Softball
Rylee Michalak '24

At Notre Dame we recognize the importance of family. For school resource officer and softball coach, Chris Jackson, this couldn’t be more true. Coach feels that time with family is the most significant thing in his life. 

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It's Always Sunny on the Links
Kevin Scarborough '24

Throughout our ND community, the idea of the “perfect day” differs greatly from person to person.  Some prefer a cozy day at home, while others take to nature. For senior Dom Vizzoni it’s all about the weather and the links.

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Dancing in the Desert
Caitlin Treacy '23

For 23 years, Coachella has been an extremely popular music festival held at the Empire Polo club in Indio, California, in the Coachella Valley of the Colorado Desert

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The Language of Flowers
Issy Timberlake '23

It’s spring! Flowers are blooming everywhere and vivid spots of color are bursting amidst the greenery.

But what is the secret meaning behind these flowers we see?

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Spin Over Stream: Vinyl's Return
Violet Williamson '24

Driven by young fans' search for solace during the pandemic, sales of vinyl records continue to rise. 2022 marks 16 consecutive years of revenue growth in the vinyl market – outselling CD’s for the first time in over 30 years.

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The Burning Truth of Olaplex Hair Care
Sophia Pintinalli '23

Everyone loves that fresh morning shower to get a good start to the day, but how would you feel if you’re shampooing your hair or doing your normal hair routine and a clump of hair unexpectedly falls out?

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Blooming and... Scooping?
Violet Williamson '24

The presence of new flowers and plants coming back to life with warmer, sunnier weather brings vibrancy back to our lives. After the cold of winter, the warmth of spring lightens the soul, and Mrs. Reed feels it!

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Parker Stergion Packs a Bag
Isabella Sagarese '23

Escaping the six weeks of winter that Punxsutawney Phil predicted, many are heading to places with warmer weather. And Senior Parker Stergion plans to do just that.

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A Time for Renewal
Caitlin Treacy '23

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. Many consider making changes or recommitting to a better lifestyle. This Easter break, Mrs. Duff hopes to make this her focus. 

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Taking Care of Spring Business
Joseph Matticoli '23

For many students, spring break means soaking up the sun, but for others, it's all about business. Carolina Soos '23 (L) and Cameron Beetel '24 (R) will be busy with sports and college tours.

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Visions of Nature
Carter Hillsdon '25

The spring season tends to mean different things to different people. Some would say it reminds them of nature, some of Easter, and others of weather. Sophomores Anthony Kelly (L) and Griffin Schaefer (R) agree. 

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Fast Fashion: The Silent Killer
Lexi Brown '24

Walking into the big department store, the large red "SALE" sign blares. Some wonder how these prices are possible, whereas others make multiple purchases. Who cares - wear an outfit once or twice, and toss it away, right? This is the clothing purchase cycle so many are trapped in. 

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Seals at the Shore
Amaya Kuless '23

On the Jersey Shore, there are sea shells, pebbles, and miles of sand. And every once in a while, there is a seal lazing around after hours of swimming the Atlantic.

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Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover
Cassidy Darcey '23

“Mommy. I am…so skinny right now. I’m finally down to 89 pounds.”

As author Jennette McCurdy recounts in her new memoir, these are the words she believed would wake her bedridden mother from a coma. 

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Archived News

Meet Us at Midnight (Review)
Issy Timberlake '23

What if I told you Taylor Swift’s a Mastermind?

The renowned singer has once again mastered her musical ability and returned to the pop genre with her new album Midnights. 

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Row Row Row Your Boat
Trip Pisano '23

Try staying focused as cold lake water activates all five body senses simultaneously. This drastically increases the heart rate and makes steady breathing almost impossible. Athletes who row crew know this feeling well.

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Back to Nature
Luke Wilson '22

Tucked away in the Sangre De Cristo Mountain range of northeast New Mexico is a 219 sq. mile ranch where adventurers ages 14 and up can test their limits and master skills that last a lifetime. 

And one of the best things about it is that it’s technology-free.

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Rumor has it: Adele is Back!
Heather Jones '24

Adele’s new creation is a letter to her son. It’s not about divorce. It’s an explanation. She wants Angelo, age nine, to understand why his family split up, but more importantly, how life should be fulfilled.

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The Return of the Woolly Mammoth
Mason Capasso '23

The idea of recreating mammoths and bringing them back to the wild has been discussed numerous times over the past decade. Researchers announced on September 8, 2021, that new funding is available that will help make scientists' dreams a reality.

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