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The Voice

2022 Year-End Edition

10 Best Gifts This Holiday Season
Heather Jones '24

Hallmark movies are on, Mariah Carey is belting her heart out, consumerism is at its highest, and the air just feels a little more joyful. Christmas time is here!

Fast Fashion: The Silent Killer
Lexi Brown '24

Walking into the big department store, the large red "SALE" sign blares. Some wonder how these prices are possible, whereas others make multiple purchases. Who cares - wear an outfit once or twice, and toss it away, right? This is the clothing purchase cycle so many are trapped in. 


The Mismatch: NFL Podcast with with Host Ethan Hellyer '24

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Talent Galore
Amaya Kulessa '23

Kudos to Mrs. Brydge's and her art students! The Winter Arts show was spectacular! ND students rocked it!

Merry Reading!
The Voice Staff

Check Out the Library's Book Tree! Special thanks to Amaya Kulessa '23, Keira Tinney '25, and Joseph Forbes '23. Happy Reading!


Proud Grandpa Moment!
Heather Jones '24

Juniors Heather and Katy Jones get inducted into the National Honors Society as their Grandpa cheers them on!

We'll Always be a Team!
Maddie Payne '25

Sophomore Maddie Payne and her 8th-grade brother, Ian, get blacked out for the football game! We can't wait for you to get here next year, Ian!

How 'hue' doin'?
Lauren Mersel '25

Riley Carr '25 (L) and Lauren Mersel '25 (R) having a hue of a time at a Sweet 16 celebration.

Making the Most of It!
Olivia Pomin '25

Dr. B's Chem Class makes the most of a rainy day fire drill.

A Senior Moment
Bella Lynch '25

Amanda Almanzor '23 (L) and Bella Lynch '25 (R) celebrate a win against West Windsor Plainsboro south on Senior Night. Way to go, girls!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Abby Larkin '25

Abby Larkin '25 spent a summer day in Philly. Why fight city hall?

Club Rushin'
Voice Staff

Seniors Cassidy Darcey (L) and Issy Timberlake (R)  help answer questions about The Voice and Etc. Magazine during Club Rush. You make us smile, girls!

Jamaican Me Crazy
Riley Cunningham '25

Riley Cunningham (Class of 25) and her family had fun jumping off of Blue Hole Falls in Jamaica this summer.

Virgin Island Views
Chris Young '25

Sophomore Chris Young caught this breathtaking view of the Caribbean Ocean from atop a mountain in the Virgin Islands.

Mountain Musings
Jack Kydonieus '25

Sophomore Jack Kydonieus spends time taking in the Swiss landscape near Jungfrau Mountain.

A Fiery Adventure
Bella Odina '25

Bella Odina, Class of 2025, thinks Universal Studios is FIRE!

Spending Time with Peers
Rob Scharko '23

Senior Rob Scharko captured this beautiful shot In South Carolina this summer.

Words to live by...

"Reflect upon your present blessings -- of which every man has many -- not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”                                                             

Charles Dickens                                                                                          

Meet Us At Midnight (Review)
Isabella Timberlake '23

What if I told you Taylor Swift’s a Mastermind?

The renowned singer has once again mastered her musical ability and returned to the pop genre with her new album Midnights. 

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The Big Apple's Tree
Justin Pollard '23

For many, the holiday season is marked by an opening event. Whether it be the lighting of a Hannukah candle or the first ornament placed on a Christmas tree, many New Yorkers consider the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree to be the start of the holiday season.

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Seals at the Shore
Amaya Kuless '23

On the Jersey Shore, there are sea shells, pebbles, and miles of sand. And every once in a while, there is a seal lazing around after hours of swimming the Atlantic.

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Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover
Cassidy Darcey '23

“Mommy. I am…so skinny right now. I’m finally down to 89 pounds.”

As author Jennette McCurdy recounts in her new memoir, these are the words she believed would wake her bedridden mother from a coma. 

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Top 5 Advent Calendars
Cassidy Darcey '23

A beloved Christmas tradition is the Advent calendar, a special calendar used to countdown to Christmas.

And here are a few of the best... each one filled with surprises!

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Making Sports Wishes Come True
Sonny Durkin '24

Participation in sports is a significant part of childhood. When a child has physical or emotional limitations, they can be excluded from this very impactful, positive experience. The Make-A-Wish Foundation works to change that.

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The Great Christmas Tree Debate (Opinion)
Isabella Timberlake '23

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, how environmentally friendly are your branches?

For years there has been a debate on whether artificial or living trees are better- better for the environment, decoration, or for your family.

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Wakanda Forever: The Weight of A Legacy
Isabella Timberlake '23

Walking into a crowded theater and seeing someone just like you on the screen- a hero that you can relate to -  feels amazing. This kind of representation means a lot, especially to a young audience, and can help create life-long fans. 

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Archived News

Row Row Row Your Boat
Trip Pisano '23

Try staying focused as cold lake water activates all five body senses simultaneously. This drastically increases the heart rate and makes steady breathing almost impossible. Athletes who row crew know this feeling well.

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Back to Nature
Luke Wilson '22

Tucked away in the Sangre De Cristo Mountain range of northeast New Mexico is a 219 sq. mile ranch where adventurers ages 14 and up can test their limits and master skills that last a lifetime. 

And one of the best things about it is that it’s technology-free.

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Rumor has it: Adele is Back!
Heather Jones '24

Adele’s new creation is a letter to her son. It’s not about divorce. It’s an explanation. She wants Angelo, age nine, to understand why his family split up, but more importantly, how life should be fulfilled.

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The Return of the Woolly Mammoth
Mason Capasso '23

The idea of recreating mammoths and bringing them back to the wild has been discussed numerous times over the past decade. Researchers announced on September 8, 2021, that new funding is available that will help make scientists' dreams a reality.

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